Your servant, your door campaign: The newly elected NAPA president and councilors reached the people’s homes, went to Ward 2-3 and knew the problems of the people

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  • Newly Elected NAPA President And Councilors Reached People’s Homes, Going To Ward 2 3, People’s Problems Were Known

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After taking charge in the Municipal Council of Sheopur, the newly elected president and councilors on Thursday started the campaign ‘Your servant, your door’ from ward number 1 Qila Basti. Which continued on Friday as well. As part of the campaign, the President’s representative and various councilor teams reached Ward 2 and 3 and learned their problems from the residents of the ward. Most of the problems were solved on the spot.

Municipality president representative Sujit Garg, who reached Harijan Basti of the city, and local councilor representative Mahavir Valmiki told the councilor team that cleanliness is not being done in the ward. The drain made by the contractor has also been left incomplete in front of Mangal Bhavan. Due to which the dirty water of the whole city overflows and spreads near the temple.

There is no light on most of the pillars, which makes it dark at night. NAPA President Representative Sujit Garg called the engineer present on the spot and inquired about the drain and instructed to complete the incomplete drain immediately. He said that if there is a fault of the contractor in this work, then issue a notice to him, if there is a need to make new estimates, then he should also make it.

He directed HO Satyabhan Jatav that there should be no dirt in the ward. After this the team visited Ward 3. Where there is the problem of cleanliness and drinking water on the Muslim Basti mound, the residents of the ward told that salt water comes here. Due to which we have to bring drinking water from far away.

On this, the NAPA President’s representative instructed the CMO to immediately start the said bore and supply sweet water to the mound settlement. During this, councilor Vishnu Parashar, Bhupendra Garg (Dharmu) councilor representative OP Sikarwar, councilor Khalid Farooqui, Tonu Gautam, ward residents were present.

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