Younger brother killed elder brother in Amroha: burnt face and chest, was forbidden from selling land; 4 arrested

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The police exposed the murder of a middle-aged farmer two days ago in a mango orchard on Hebatpur Road in Amroha. The farmer was murdered by his own younger brother by strangling him along with his nephew and two other associates for refusing to sell the land. To prevent the identification of the dead body, his face and chest were burnt by pouring oil. After getting the dead body, the son of the deceased farmer had given a nominated Tahrir to 2 people. At present, the police have arrested four people in the case.
Police arrested 4 accused.

Police arrested 4 accused.

There was a fight between the two brothers over the matter of selling the land.
Additional Superintendent of Police Chandra Prakash Shukla said, “Shivcharan, who lived in Mohalla Manapur of Hasanpur Kotwali area, had 4 sons. Out of these four sons, the younger son Yogesh wanted to sell 25 yards of his share of land. But Yogesh on the matter of selling the land. The elder brother of the deceased Subhash and father Shivcharan used to refuse.

On August 16 also, there was an argument between the deceased Subhash, his father Shivcharan and younger brother Yogesh over the sale of the house. On the same day at eight o’clock in the evening, Yogesh, the younger brother of the murderer, along with his brother-in-law Chaman, nephew Kapil and fellow Manoj, was going to buy liquor from a liquor contract located on Jhakri Road when the deceased Subhash was found at the Jhakri base, who was intoxicated. was in

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