Chakki bridge on Himachal-Punjab border closed: NHAI took decision due to heavy rains, railway bridge built on the river was washed away in the morning

Kangra16 minutes ago

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A bridge over the Chakki river near the Himachal-Punjab border, which is now closed for vehicular movement.

Due to continuous heavy rains for 2 days in Himachal, the river drains are in spate. Due to which many bridges have collapsed. Meanwhile, on Saturday, the Chakki bridge on the National Highway Pathankot-Mandi near the Himachal-Punjab border has been closed for vehicular movement.

For the people coming to Kangra from Punjab or other states, traffic arrangements have been made through alternate routes. On Saturday morning, the years old bridge built for railway traffic in Chakki Khad itself was washed away due to rain. Face to face bridges have been constructed in Chakki Khad for trains and vehicles.

There is still an alert of heavy rain in the state. In view of which this bridge has been closed. National Highway Authority official Anil Sain says that in view of the heavy rains, the movement on this bridge has been stopped for the time being. The bridge will be inspected on Sunday morning.

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