Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update Aug 17: Police arrests Kairav after Anisha’s death; Abhimanyu refuses to help

The latest episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is devastating for all fans of Akshara and Abhimanyu as problems between the two keep on increasing. After Mahima calls the police on Kairav, Akshara tries to defend him, but Abhimanyu refuses to help her. Keep reading this article to know the full story. Also Read| Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Anisha dies by suicide after Kairav ​​called off their wedding

Kairav ​​in police custody

Goenkas and Birlas continue to argue over who is responsible for Anisha’s tragic death. Kairav ​​told everyone the truth about Anisha’s affair, but no one in Anisha’s family believes him. Akshara turns to Abhimanyu for help but he denies all allegations against Anisha and leaves it to the court to decide if Kairav ​​is guilty or not. Anand and Harsh ask the police to take Kairav ​​away. Kairav ​​keeps on pleading for help but Akshara stands there helpless. Continue reading to find out what happens at the police station.

Kairav ​​feels traumatised and shattered by the made against him. He worries if he will ever be able to get out of this mess. Manish and AJ come after him to talk with the police officer. Anand and Harsh also arrive to file the FIR report. Manish requests them to not destroy Kairav’s life, to which Anand reminds him that he has lost his daughter because of Kairav. Soon another altercation starts between them and Abhimanyu comes to calm them down. Akshara feels broken seeing Kairav ​​there and they try to comfort each other but the police officer separates the two. Abhimanyu takes a stand for them before the police, giving some hope to her that he may actually accept the truth at some point. Keep reading HT highlights to find more updates on this.

Akshara pleads to Mahima

The moment Kairav ​​gets into lock-up, the media starts pestering the Goenkas for a statement. On one hand, Aarohi tries to refuse to make any comment, but on the other, Shefali calls all media houses to speak against Kairav. Akshara receives information about Kairav’s condition in jail. Heartbroken, she makes another attempt to convince Mahima of his innocence. She pleads to Mahima to withdraw all charges against Kairav, but fails.

Meanwhile, Abhimanyu goes out with Parth to perform more rituals after Anisha’s death. Abhimanyu contemplates what Akshara said and what Kairav ​​told everyone. He feels doubtful of his own allegations against Kairav. Parth tells him to not feel bad for Kairav ​​as he is guilty and not to worry about Akshara. He demands him to take his side. However, Abhimanyu continues to ponder over what Akshara said about the two sides and that they should stand by each other. In the upcoming episodes, more interesting twists are to come while the struggle amidst this tragedy continues. Mahima will once again stand against Akshara and poison Abhimanyu against her. Keep watching this space to know more.

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