Anupamaa written update August 17: Anupamaa confronts Vanraj; Anuj goes back into coma

Anupamaa‘s happiness after Anuj gained consciousness does not last long as his condition gets critical once again. Vanraj continues to improve and is soon able to walk. Meanwhile, Barkha celebrates as she gets more time to execute her evil plan of taking over Anuj’s business. Keep reading this article to know more. Also Read| Anupamaa recap: Barkha accuses Anupamaa of having a soft corner for Vanraj

Anuj gets into long coma

In the previous episode, we saw Anuj gaining consciousness. Overwhelmed Anupamaa shares her distress and other updates with Anuj as he enquires about her and little Anu and GK. Barkha gets upset as it is a hindrance to her plan to take over the company. However, Anupamaa’s happiness and Barkha’s disappointment don’t last long as Anuj’s condition worsens again. The doctors say that he is going back into a coma and this time, it will be impossible to say when he will wake up.

Anupamaa is told that Anuj is in an indefinite coma and it might take him hours to years to wake up again. Barkha takes a sigh of relief while Ankush warns her of the consequences. She continues to believe that they should take advantage of this opportunity to protect their interests. Will Anupama be able to handle business and Anuj’s health or will Barkha succeed in taking over the Kapadia empire? Keep reading HT highlights to find out.

Vanraj apologises to Anupama

On one hand, Anuj still struggles with life and death; on the other, Vanraj’s condition starts improving. Anupamaa toggles between work and hospital to make sure no one takes advantage of Anuj’s absence. Barkha waits for her time to initiate her plan of taking over. Meanwhile, Vanraj gains his senses again, and Kavya demands him to tell her everything that happened on the day of the accident. Vanraj tries to recall the accident but can’t remember if he pushed Anuj or not. More exciting twists are to come as the truth behind the accident will be revealed, but before that, Anupamaa has more challenges to face.

Vanraj comes to Anuj’s ward to see how Anuj is doing. He is distressed to see Anuj in a coma. Anupamaa instantly gets angry seeing him there. Vanraj apologises to Anupama for the unfortunate incidents. Anupamaa bursts out at him for taking Anuj to the hill and being responsible for him falling into the gorge. Vanraj tries to defend himself but Anupamaa continues to blame him. She demands him to tell the truth but he can’t remember anything. She tells him to come to her only when he remembers.

As a bigger shock, Barkha overhears this conversation where Vanraj suggests that he may have accidentally made Anuj fall in the gorge. She plans to use the information to her benefit and challenge

Anupamaa’s authority in the Kapadia empire. The next episode will bring more drama and entertainment to the table. Vanraj returns home where little Anu asks him about his father. Meanwhile, Anuj’s condition starts improving after several days in coma. Stay tuned to HT highlights for more written updates on this.

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