Woman ate poison at collectorate in Mainpuri: admitted to district hospital after worsening condition, went to meet DM for arms license

Mainpuri2 hours ago

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This picture is of Mainpuri District Hospital. The woman who consumed poison is undergoing treatment at the collectorate here.

A woman who came out of the office to meet the DM on Thursday morning at the Collectorate in Mainpuri, consumed a poisonous substance. This worsened the condition of the woman. The police present on the spot admitted the woman to the district hospital. The woman told that her son was murdered a year ago. After this, the then DM had assured him to get the arms license, but the license could not be obtained even after one year of detour.

The matter is of Nagla Kushal of police station Kotwali area. The son of Akhilesh’s wife Praveen Yadav was murdered here on 14 July 2021. The woman had threatened her life after the incident. The then DM had assured to give arms license to the woman. But 1 year has come to pass, he has not been able to get the license. The accused are about to get bail. He is afraid of them.

The woman consumed poison after meeting the DM at the collectorate in Mainpuri.

The woman consumed poison after meeting the DM at the collectorate in Mainpuri.

Treatment going on under police supervision

Asking DM not to make a new license, sent it to the SP for security. On this the woman came out of the office and ate the poisonous substance. After the condition worsened, the police admitted the woman to the district. The woman told that it has been a year since she went round for the license, but the license was not made. Because of this he took this step. He is undergoing treatment under the supervision of the police.

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