Whom did Taarak Mehta fame Shailesh Lodha now call a chameleon, is Asit Modi but a target?

Shailesh Lodha Social Media Post: Actor Shailesh Lodha, the actor of TV’s superhit comedy show Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, is in a lot of headlines on social media these days. Ever since Shailesh left the show, he has been continuously making rhetoric against producer Asit Kumar Modi. There is a cold war going on between producers Asit Modi and Shailesh Lodha. The verbal war between the two is in discussion on social media. Shailesh has once again taunted the producer without naming him. However, social media users are considering this post against Asit Modi.

In Shailesh Lodha’s new Insta post, he has called someone a chameleon. Fans are considering it as a taunt on the producer of the Taarak Mehta show, Asit Modi. Shailesh Lodha wrote a poem in his post with a picture of a chameleon – I asked the chameleon, why are you sad? He said, I had only one art of changing colors. But look how dishonest this period has become, now people do not call the person who changes color a chameleon. It is said that look this man has become.

As soon as Shailesh posted this strange poem on Insta, users started commenting fiercely. People are sure that Shailesh Lodha has targeted producer Asit Modi through this post. One user wrote – Indirectly Asit Modi. A person writes – sarcasm directly on the producer. According to people, the chameleon is none other than Asit Modi.

Actually, after leaving the show Tarak Mehta, Shailesh is constantly sharing similar posts on social media. He had written in a post in the past, people shamelessly tell lies. He wrote this post after Asit Modi’s statement came in the media. Then Asit Modi had said that, he has tried a lot to persuade Shailesh Lodha and bring him back in the show but he did not agree. However the matter is different. Most of the old actors of the Tarak Mehta show have left the show.

Asit Modi had recently given a statement in the media that, Tarak Mehta will definitely come on the show. If old stars come, it is better otherwise they will bring new stars. Although the fans like to see Shailesh Lodha in the role of Tarak, but the way the debate between the actor and the producer is going on, Shailesh is finding it difficult to return to the Tarak Mehta show.

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