Village Panchayat officer suspended in Deoria: Action taken on DM’s instructions on negligence in maintenance of Gaushala

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The District Magistrate has ordered the suspension of the Gram Panchayat Officer after the continuous disturbances were found during the inspection in the Gaushala.

In Deoria, the Gram Panchayat officer has been suspended on the instructions of the District Magistrate for negligence in the maintenance of the Gaushala located at village Mahui Pandey, Kola, of Salempur block.

On August 2, SDM Dhruv Kumar Shukla inspected the gaushala, in which the door of the premises was found closed and the caretaker was not present on the spot. On August 5 again, Deputy District Magistrate Salempur Gunjan Dwivedi inspected the Gaushala. In which many errors were revealed. The cleanliness in the premises was not found adequate and the caretaker was also not present in time.
what is the system
The District Magistrate said that as per the mandate, it is the responsibility of the Rural Development, Panchayati Raj Department to make arrangements for animal protectors, laborers for the care and protection of animals at temporary cow shelters. Along with this, in the administrative system, the village head has been nominated as the chairman and the village panchayat officer has been nominated to oversee the establishment, implementation, operation and management of the temporary cow shelter. In which the protected cows have been authorized for the responsibility of arranging fodder, drinking water etc. It was the responsibility of the Gram Panchayat to make arrangements for the Caretaker to take care of the animals in the Gram Panchayat. But the village head and the secretary have not made regular arrangements for the caretaker, for which the village head and secretary are fully responsible.
gram panchayat officer suspended
District Magistrate Jitendra Pratap Singh has ordered the suspension of Gram Panchayat Officer Praveen Kumar if he is found prima facie guilty. During the period of suspension, the Gram Panchayat Officer will be attached to the office of the District Panchayati Raj Officer.

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