Union Home Minister in Bhopal on 22nd August: Shah will stay in the city for 10 hours… 40 IPS officers and 3000 jawans will be deployed in security

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  • Shah Will Stay In The City For 10 Hours… 40 IPS Officers And 3000 Jawans Will Be Deployed In Security

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Amit Shah will attend 5 programs on 22nd August.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah is coming to Bhopal on 22nd August. After participating in 5 programs in Bhopal, he will leave for Delhi at night. He will arrive at the State Hangar at 10:40 am. Two helipads each are being built for Shah at the Lal Parade Ground and the Police Academy at Bhowri.

Shah will arrive in the morning by helicopter from the State Hangar to the Red Parade Ground. On their return, at around 9:30 pm, they will leave the Taj Hotel directly for the State Hangar. 40 IPS and more than 3000 jawans have been deployed under Shah’s security. One IPS officer and four gazetted officers along with traffic police personnel will be responsible for the parking arrangements of the five venues.

On Thursday, Police Commissioner Makrand Deuskar held a review meeting of the security arrangements with his subordinates regarding Shah’s visit to Bhopal. Here, ACS Home Rajesh Rajoura took a meeting on Thursday regarding Shah’s security. Officials of IB, Intelligence, Airport Authority of India and Police were present in this.

Shah will stay for two hours in Minto Hall, will also have lunch here.

1. Union Minister Shah will reach the State Hangar by special aircraft at 10:40 am. Helicopters will arrive at the Red Parade Ground from the State Hangar. From here his carcade will reach Minto Hall. Shah will take a meeting of the Central Zonal Council here. They will have lunch at Minto Hall itself. Shah will stay here for about two hours.

2. At 1:15 pm, Shah will reach Lalparade Ground from Minto Hall and reach Police Academy Bhunari by helicopter. Barkheda will perform Bhoomipujan for the National Forensic Sciences University at Bondar. After staying for 1 hour in the program, the helicopter will come to the Red Parade Ground.

3. His carcade will leave for Rabindra Bhavan from Lal Parade Ground. During the program of about one and a half hours at Ravindra Bhawan, Shah will inaugurate the residences and administrative buildings of Madhya Pradesh Police.

4. His carcade will reach Vidhan Sabha from Rabindra Bhavan. Here on the occasion of Kushabhai’s birth centenary, India will participate in a seminar on New Education Policy. This program will last approximately one and a half hours.

5. Carcade will leave for Taj Hotel from Visa. National Conference organized by Nafed at Taj Hotel, will participate in the growing step of cooperatives. Shah will leave for the State Hangar from Taj Hotel at 9:30 pm. From here they will leave for Delhi by special aircraft.

Carcade’s rehearsals start from today

The rehearsals for Shah’s Carcade will begin on Friday. It will come from Carcade State Hangar via Lal Parade Ground to Minto Hall. From Minto Hall, it will reach Rabindra Bhawan via Lal Parade Ground. Lastly, the carcade will leave from Taj Hotel for State Hangar. The final rehearsal will take place on Saturday evening.

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