UK: Rishi Sunak is behind in the race for the post of PM, said – ‘I do not make false promises, better lose than this’

Britain Polls: Elections are being held for the post of Prime Minister in Britain. Rishi Sunak of Indian origin is the PM candidate from the Conservative Party. Rishi Sunak on Thursday (August 17) said he is excited to lead the Conservative Party’s leadership campaign even though the party’s poll of voters has predicted a stronger rival, Liz Truss. In an interview with ITV channel’s ‘This Morning’ programme, the former Indian-origin chancellor said, ‘He will definitely win’.

Earlier on Thursday (August 11) a new YouGov poll for Sky News showed Liz Truss has a solid 32 point lead. Other polls of Tory members who voted in this election have shown a similar tilt in favor of Rishi Sunak. At the same time, during a discussion on ITV, the former minister in Boris Johnson’s cabinet admitted that it was a bit strange that his former boss resigned as Tory leader and British prime minister last month, just days before announcing his resignation. was.

‘It’s not the end of the world’
Let us let you know that former PM Johnson’s ministers resigned one after the other early last month after weeks of crisis over the Partygate scandal of parties breaking the lockdown law under his supervision and some other scandals related to his close aides. While Rishi Sunak acknowledged that leaving his chancellorship was a major blow to Johnson’s leadership, he added that ‘it is not the end of the world’.

‘I’ll be honest with people’
Rishi Sunak said, ‘I have not made my life easy, saying such things which some people might not want to hear.’ “So in this leadership race I am not making too many simple promises which I think are false, I would rather lose than say things which I don’t think can be shared,” he said. I will be honest with people.

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