Screws on drug smugglers in Gobindpura village: Villagers constituted committee, said – 100 drug addicts have spoiled the atmosphere

BathindaOne hour ago

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Villagers of Gobindpura village with Dalit leader Kiranjit Singh Gehri.

The residents of Gobindpura village in Bathinda, Punjab have finally united and formed a committee with the help of the Panchayat to crack down on drug smugglers. On Friday, Dalit leader Kiranjit Singh Gehri reached the village to meet the members of the committee and the villagers.

Villagers told Gehri that about 100 drug addicts have spoiled the atmosphere in Gobindpura village. Being fed up, he formed this committee. This committee catches the drug addicts and asks them who is the drug dealer. After this the information is immediately given to the police. The police act on this.

Gehry told the committee members and villagers that this is a commendable step. The people of Punjab have to come forward like this. Only then can the big drug dealers be stopped. He spoke to DSP City Two, DSP Bhucho Rashpal Singh and Gurpreet Singh.

He said that the government formed in Punjab had promised the people that drug abuse would be stopped within 24 hours, but that promise is proving to be false. Kejriwal and Bhagwant Mann formed the government by promising the people of Punjab to take strict action against drugs and giving farmers MSP on crops, but till now neither the big drug smugglers have been caught nor farmers have got MSP. .

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