Tomato fever increased concern after corona virus and monkeypox, 82 cases in the country, know the symptoms

Tomato Fever: After Corona Virus and Monkeypox in the country, another new disease Tomato Fever has also worried health experts. Because it is spreading rapidly in India. So far 82 cases have been reported. It is found in children below 5 years of age in the state of Kerala in India. According to the Lancet Respiratory Journal, the first case of tomato fever was reported on May 6 in Kollam, Kerala. Actually, a person infected with Kovid-19 and a person suffering from HFMD or tomato fever have similar symptoms, but the virus is different. Let us know the complete information about the symptoms of tomato fever and their similarity with the symptoms of Kovid-19.

symptoms similar to covid-19, tomato
Actually, Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD), also known as Tomato Fever. Which tomato flu virus has similar symptoms to Kovid-19. These symptoms initially include fever, fatigue and body aches. Rashes are also visible on the skin of some Kovid-19 patients. However, the virus that causes tomato fever is not related to SARS-CoV-2.

Symptoms of tomato similar to other diseases
The Lancet report states that the primary symptoms in children with tomato are similar to those of chikungunya, including high fever, rash and severe joint pain. Tomato flu is named after the bursting of red and painful blisters all over the body. Which gradually becomes like a tomato. The report states that these rashes or blisters are similar to monkeypox virus in young people.

Rashes appear on the skin
Rashes appear on the skin with tomato flu, which causes skin irritation. Symptoms like other viral infections include fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, dryness, joint swelling, body aches and common influenza-like symptoms, similar to those produced in dengue. It could be an effect of tomato flu, chikungunya or dengue fever in children rather than a viral infection.

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