Pond overflow, people fishing, fun or risk! VEDIO: Hundreds of people along with children landed in the pond for fishing amid heavy rain in Jabalpur

Jabalpur44 minutes ago

Hundreds of people reached fishing in the pond amid heavy rain.

Heavy rain continues in Jabalpur since late Saturday night. At the same time, hundreds of people are fishing in the Gokalpur pond of the city. Including small children. The video of the pond has surfaced. Where, despite heavy rains, hundreds of people of the area are risking their lives and fishing in the pond. At the same time, some parents along with their children have come fishing in the pond.

Pond water overflows…

Actually, the period of heavy rain is continuing since last night. Due to which the Gokalpur pond has overflowed. Due to the overflow of the pond, the fish are coming down. Due to which the local people are reaching hundreds of people and catching fish by setting their nets. Not only this, surprisingly, due to the overflow of water, big fish are also getting trapped in the net. If someone’s foot slips in the meantime, then fishing can be heavy.

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