Threatening to behead Prayagraj’s lawyer: prosecuting the conversion case; The miscreants who came on the bike said – leave the case

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Prayagraj District Court lawyer has received threat of beheading. He is advocating in the matter of converting religion by marrying a girl fraudulently. The lawyer has received threats to behave like a supporter of former BJP leader Nupur Sharma. Colonelganj Police has registered an FIR. Lawyer Manoj Tiwari told Bhaskar that he has appealed to the Yogi government for protection. He has expressed apprehension of conspiracy against a person named Mohammad Alam.
Let’s know the whole story of lawyer Manoj.

Advocate Manoj Tiwari has expressed the threat of killing Mohammad Alam.

“In the night of August 12, one of my acquaintances called. Go to the police station Colonelganj, I have a cousin’s case. Her name is Pallavi Singh. Look. I went to the police station Colonelganj with my senior lawyer. After going there, I saw Pallavi Singh was sitting near the inspector, all the lawyers were already sitting there. I asked what is the matter? They told that there is a lawyer named Mohammad Alam. He cheated me. Connected on Facebook by calling himself Anuj Pratap Singh and After that again he married us. I came to know later that this is Mohammad Alam. He pressured me to convert. Otherwise I and my brother will do wrong things alternately with you. I said ok After this I talked to the Inspector, then the Inspector said that give a Tahrir, the case will be registered. The Tahrir was not given till late night. After this, in view of the security of Pallavi Singh, she was sent to Khuldabad Nari Niketan.

“On the second day on August 13, Pallavi Singh called and said that brother, you come to the Colonelganj police station and get the Tahrir done. I reached there and told him that whatever the sequence of events is, write it down with your hands. There are already Hindu organizations. K activists were present. I took Tahrir and gave it to the police station and the case was registered. They told that at that time the victim Pallavi Singh also told the whole story in front of the media in the police station premises. After this, the police took the security of the lady constable in a hotel. sent.”

“After this, on August 14, the victim Pallavi Singh went to the hospital for medical treatment, after going there, she got a call from Mohammad Alam. When I asked whose phone is, he told that I have Mohammed Alam on the midnight of August 13. Called at o’clock, he was doing it to talk about this whole matter. I have told him that whatever my lawyer Manoj Tiwari says, I will do it there. There was so much talk, I said it’s okay. After this the doctor got up. His medical could not be done that day. After that some lawyers met him. They took him away with them. After that we don’t know where Pallavi Singh went. What happened?”
Advocate pleaded with Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for the safety of his life.

Advocate pleaded with Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for the safety of his life.

Run to save life when threatened

“On August 16th, I was going to my home, Kidwai Nagar, Allapur, after completing my senior’s work at 11 pm. Put his bike in front of the bike. Before I could understand anything, he took out the pistol and pointed it at me. He said abusing that you become a lawyer, you will be killed.

Who you are advocating for Pallavi Singh and getting a case written against brother i.e. Mohammad Alam. I started running from there to save my life. Then they abused and said that whatever happened with Nupur Sharma’s supporters will happen to you, the head will be cut off and hanged. I hid in the park. I called my lawyer colleagues. I got courage after his arrival. I called the police on number 112. After this I went to Colonelganj police station and filed a case.”

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