Sidhu Musewala’s parents will sit on dharna: Said – AAP government is taking advantage of our decency; Finance Minister said – almost all the accused have been caught

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Chandigarh34 minutes ago

The family of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala has given a week’s ultimatum to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government. Moosewala’s father Balkaur Singh and mother Charan Kaur said that those who fired shots alone were not the killers. So far no action has been taken against the white collar people in this case. Those collecting ransom of gangsters are still out of the grip of the police. Balkaur Singh said that after a week we will hit the streets. The government is taking advantage of our decency.

At the same time, Finance Minister Harpal Cheema said that the government is seriously investigating the murder case. Almost all the accused in this case have been caught. The search is on for the remaining accused. Mansa SSP Gaurav Tura said that the challan will be presented in the court soon in this case.

Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala was gunned down in Mansa on 29 May. This murder was done by Lawrence gang. Police arrested 3 shooters. 2 were killed in the encounter and one is still absconding.

Why no action against the person taking back the security?
Musewala’s father said that who took back the security of my son?, there was no investigation. Why was there no reply from that officer? I do not want that action should be taken against him but that officer should publicly admit the mistake that he killed Musewala because of my withdrawal of security.

Ransom collectors living in the homeland
Musewala’s father said that the gangsters who collect ransom live in the homeland. Musewala also said in his song that in the homeland there are big brokers. Why is no action being taken against the eyes, nose and ears of gangsters? That is why Musewala started living in the village instead of Chandigarh.

Mother said – if people do not come then we will sit alone
Moosewala’s mother Sarpanch Charan Kaur said that there are big forces behind the gangsters. It’s been 3 months. Have devoted a lot of time to the administration and the government. They are taking advantage of our decency. If people come with us, it is fine, otherwise both of us will sit on the road. We do not expect justice. Everything has cooled down. What is the fault of the one with whom Musewala was to be married?

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