Arrest warrant issued against Imran Khan in Anti Terror Act, can be arrested at any time

Imran Khan May Be Arrested: Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan can be arrested at any time. An arrest warrant has been issued against Imran Khan under the Anti Terror Act. On August 20, Imran Khan threatened the IG and a judge, after which a case was registered against Imran. Late night, information has been given by the IG of Islamabad to issue an arrest warrant.

Imran Khan held a rally in Islamabad on 20 August against the arrest of Shahbaz Gill. Thousands of people participated in this rally. This rally was broadcast by all TV news channels.

Imran Khan can be arrested anytime

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan can be arrested or placed under house arrest at any time. It is alleged that he has threatened judges and policemen. It is being told that during the speech at the rally, Imran Khan started threatening the top officials of Islamabad Police and the judge. Therefore, a case has been registered under the Anti Terror Act for intimidating the top officials and judges of Islamabad Police and disturbing the peace in the country.

What are the allegations against Imran Khan?

Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan is accused of trying to spoil the atmosphere of the country at a rally in Islamabad on August 20 and conspired to disturb Pakistan’s peace system. Not only this, there is also an allegation of threatening many police officers including the IG of Islamabad. Along with this, Imran also tried to intimidate Zeba Chaudhary, Judge of the Sessions Court of Islamabad. After this a case was registered against him and an arrest warrant was issued against him.

Front against Shahbaz government

On the other hand, Imran Khan’s party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) opened a front against the Shahbaz government. A gathering of his supporters also took place outside Imran Khan’s house and the party has given the slogan of march to Islamabad. Imran Khan’s supporters from different parts of Pakistan left for Islamabad. Big PTI leader Parvez Khattak has said that no one has the courage to arrest Imran Khan. meanwhile Imran Khan His ex-wife Reham Khan has justified the police action.

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