Seeing Govinda in front, this actor cried, touching his feet said – You are the brother and father of all actors

Govinda in Ravivaar with Star Parivaar: Bollywood Ganpati festival is going to start this week in the superhit show Sunday with Star Parivar of Star Plus. A grand event will be organized on Ganesh Chaturthi. The stars will give a banging performance on Bappa’s songs. Bollywood’s favorite superstar and entertainer actor Govinda is going to participate in the show. Its funny promo has been released on Star Plus channel. Now a new promo has been released in which missing someone’s love, actor Neil Bhatt is describing himself as Govinda’s biggest fan. At the same time, Pandya Store actor Kanwar Dhillon also became emotional after seeing his favorite actor.

Govinda’s grand entry

Actor Govinda along with wife Sunita Ahuja will grace the Sunday With Star family. Seeing Govinda, all the stars of Star Plus become happy. In the recently released promo, ‘Gum Hai Kisi Pyaar Mein’ actor Neil Bhatt shows Govinda with hook steps to impress Govinda. Neil says that, seeing whom I have been inspired, my dance has been inspired, if I dance once with them, then life will be set. After this, Govinda and Neil are seen performing strong.

Big fan of star plus actor superstar

On seeing Govinda, actor Kanwar Dhillon of Pandya Store show becomes emotional. Kanwar’s eyes fill up as he embraces his favorite star. He hugs Govinda and says that if I have any childhood then he is Govinda. There is no one like you, no one can be and no one should try to be. You are you and you are the brother and father of all actors.”

Kanwar Dhillon gets emotional

Actually, Neil Bhatt and Gaurav Khanna had impressed Govinda fiercely with their dance and mimicry in the show. Seeing Gaurav Khanna and Neil, Govinda himself had said that there have been three Govinda here. Kanwar Dhillon has taunted on this matter. Now it has to be seen whether this thing of Kanwar does not hurt the heart of the rest of the stars.

Anuj Kapadia impresses Govinda

Anupama fame Gaurav Khanna will be seen mimicking Govinda on the stage of Sunday with Star Parivar. Gaurav Khanna will become coolie number one in the joy of Govinda’s arrival. Govinda liked Gaurav Khanna’s coolie style and Anupama fame will be seen praising Gaurav Khanna fiercely. Gaurav will call himself Govinda’s biggest fan. However, Tamarind will also reach the stage in disguise as Govinda’s biggest fan.

This time ‘Sunday with Star Parivar’ is going to be a lot of entertainment. There will be a heated argument between Govinda and his wife. At the same time, the superstar will also be seen performing his hit songs famous hook-steps. ‘Sunday with Star Parivar’ airs every Sunday at 8 pm on Star Plus. In this show, all the stars come together to entertain the audience. Quizzes and games are also fed among the artists of the shows as a team.

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