AE’s son became SSP of STF, extorting extortion: Rob was tying a fake pistol, arrested with three accomplices

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Fake STF team in the custody of Krishnanagar police.

In Lucknow, a youth along with three associates was extorting extortion by becoming the SSP of STF. The Krishnanagar police have arrested a young man and his three accomplices who were roaming as SSP of fake STF. A car fitted with a fake number plate and a fake pistol was also recovered from him.

The AE’s son of Jalkal department was running the gang, threatened the dhaba operator’s son
Krishnanagar Inspector Alok Kumar Rai told that Vinay Kumar son of AE i.e. Assistant Engineer of Water Resources Department, Ritesh was making recovery as an STF officer in the city.
On Saturday, on the information of the informer, Ritesh, a resident of Prayagraj Civil Line, was arrested along with Suraj of Lucknow Ashiyana, Inderjit and Vinay Kumar of Alambagh.
These people used to roam on the side of the highway in the vehicle of fake government number plate. Sometimes he used to collect extortion from traders by pretending to be an officer of STF and sometimes income tax.
On Thursday, these people beat up the son of Dhaba operator Harsh Verma, resident of Manasnagar, for asking for money for tea and samosas.
According to the victim, Ritesh had put the pistol in the child’s mouth while abusing himself after calling himself STF’s SSP. Hearing the screams, the people around had gathered and fled.

Blackmail used to show gold biscuits, fake from secretariat to number plate
Police investigation has revealed that Ritesh, along with his associates, used to make businessmen and truck drivers their victims.
He used to do the checking by pretending to be an officer of the STF and showed the fake gold biscuits kept in the pocket recovered from the spot.
After which he would have threatened to send him to jail for smuggling gold biscuits. After which the merchants would pay him the price he asked for.
Fake Income Tax Officer ID card, fake identity card of UP Secretariat, two without number plate of government vehicle, car, fake pistol (air gun) and yellow metal biscuit from them.

Ritesh’s name showing government number on Truecaller
As soon as Ritesh's number was matched, STF UP used to write on the screen of the mobile.

As soon as Ritesh’s number was matched, STF UP used to write on the screen of the mobile.

The official mobile number written on the ID card received from Ritesh is visible on Truecaller in his name. During interrogation, he told that STF UP Ritesh was saved on the trucker to assure the people. Whenever someone met him, he would have believed on coming by writing STF and would have asked for money.

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