Sankirtan Yatra in protest against Dadaji Mandir Trust: BJP leaders said- Remove the ban on flower garland-shriphal; Trustee said – change is necessary according to time

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  • BJP Leaders Said Remove The Ban On Flower Garland And Quince; Trustee Said Change Is Necessary According To Time

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The ban on the tradition of offering flowers and quince at the tomb of Shri Dadaji Dhuniwale during the Corona period continues even today. After the end of the Corona period, to remove this ban, a Sankirtan Yatra was taken out in protest against the trust on Saturday. The yatra was led by all the BJP leaders. The reason for this is the background of most of the trustees is associated with the Congress. BJP leader Trilok Yadav said- It is the dogma of the trust that devotees are not allowed to offer flowers and coconuts at the Samadhi. Here, Mukesh Nagori of the Trustee family said – Change is necessary according to the time. This restriction makes it easier for the devotees to have darshan. Leave the coconut at Dhunimai instead of the burial place.

The Sankirtan Yatra started from the Ganesh Gaeshala complex at 11 am. Whilst worshiping Grandfather’s name, garlands of flowers and quince were offered collectively at Dadaji’s samadhi in the reception of the marksmen till Dadaji temple. All the protesting devotees and BJP leaders say that at present all types of rakes imposed during the Karena period have been removed. Therefore, the rake installed in the temple should also be removed. However, the trustees kept saying that the need of the hour is to change the arrangements. Earlier devotees used to go to the sanctum sanctorum of the Mahakal temple and wrap themselves with the Jyotirlinga. But if the number of devotees started increasing, then changes had to be made. During this, Trilok Yadav, Paramjit Singh Narang, Rajesh Dangre, Ashish Chatkele, Sunil Jain etc. participated.

Offering flowers from the garden at the tomb

Trustee Mukesh Nagori, Dharmendra Bajaj told that flowers are offered at the samadhi only from the garden located in the grandfather’s premises. The flowers are cleaned thoroughly. Rotten leaves are pruned. A garland of exotic varieties of flowers is available at the shops, whose flowers are bamboo. When it comes to offerings, if a devotee brings it in polythene, it is stopped by the sevadas and the priest. If a devotee brings prasad from a shop or house in a plate, box, then it is offered to him. Whatever rules the trust makes, the consent of the temple staff, from the servitors to the priests is taken. Some people do politics only in the name of religion and faith.

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