China preparing for war on the pretext of war exercise? How Taiwan will beat the Chinese checker strategy

China Vs Taiwan: Is the Chinese army preparing for a major attack on the island of Taiwan, is China carrying out the final check before this major attack, is the reaction of America and other countries on Operation Taiwan? China is busy in strengthening the mobilization to deal with it? There are many such questions that have been floating in the East China Sea and South China Sea near Taiwan for the past few days. Their answers are not clear directly, but the actions of the Chinese Army (PLA) that came to the fore during a few days at least mark such a plan.

The Chinese Army has released the latest video of an amphibious operation with the Navy. In this, the joint squads of the army and navy reach the sea route and carry out aggressive action. Commando squads, landing craft and armored vehicles are being used in this operation. Not only this, in this video of the exercise, preparations have been made according to the real time situation, that is, the soldiers were asked to be ready as if the operation was actually being carried out. Obviously, such exercises are meant to assess the time and resources required in the actual operation, as well as to identify deficiencies and lapses in preparedness to make the operation steak and lethal.

What is the meaning of live firing from a Chinese Navy warship?

Another picture has surfaced. Live firing has been done from the warship of the Chinese Navy in the sea. Firing is being done on the side of the enemy. Although this is also an exercise, but apparently under the guise of bombing action, amphibious landing is done to bring its troops to the shoreline of enemy territory.

The third picture is of a Russian warship that has reached the area of ​​Qingdao along the East China Sea to participate in the Seekup military game. Not only this, the Chinese army will send a large squad to Russia for maneuvers in late August. However, it is a joint exercise in which Russia has invited India, Mongolia, Tajikistan and Belarus apart from China. The exercise, which runs from August 30 to September 5, assumes significance as it is the first time Russia is hosting such a multinational military exercise since the start of the Ukraine war.

Will study of Ukraine war help China deal with Taiwan?

Like many big countries, the Chinese military has also studied the Ukraine war. The world’s big China experts believe that the Chinese PLA has also prepared its lessons, so if it has to take action against Taiwan, then it will not repeat the mistakes of the Russian army, as well as whenever China will carry out such an operation. Will bring him to the ground in a short time and with great force. According to experts, China’s army will carry out such an operation with large numbers and heavy force, as well as cutting off its leadership, communication system and sea contact as soon as it enters Taiwan, that is, the President of Taiwan will be replaced by the President of Ukraine, Zelensky. There may not even be time to make videos and gather support, as well as it will be difficult to get help for Taiwan, surrounded by seas all around.

However, it is too early to say that China will do all this very easily, because Taiwan’s army may be small but is also equipped with modern weapons and ready. Not only this, Taiwan has prepared a network of bunkers and barriers all over its coast. In such a situation, it will not be easy for the Chinese soldiers coming to the Taiwan coast through the Amphibious operation. At the same time, in densely populated cities, they will also face the same challenge of guerrilla fighting, due to which the Russian army had to step back in the cities of Ukraine.

What will be America’s reaction?

Not only this, any such action of China will directly be an open challenge to America and many surrounding countries which have their own risks. That is, if America moves to help Taiwan, then there is a danger of a direct confrontation between it and China, the picture of which will be very frightening, as well as any such action will make China lose the trust it has with many of its neighbors. In such a situation, there will be a challenge before China to sacrifice its business and business at the cost of Taiwan. Obviously its cost is also very big, as well as how long China will be able to keep Taiwan with a population of 236 million, it is also a question because a large population of Taiwan neither wants to merge with China nor accept its hegemony. ready to do.

In such a situation, the question also arises that why does China need Taiwan? The reasons for this are historical, political and economic. After the civil war in China, when the Communist Party government came to power in 1949, the then ruling Kumintang Party leader and its leader Chang Kai-shek went to Taiwan and declared it the Republic of China. For a long time, Mao talked about annexing Taiwan to China. At the same time, Chang Kai-shek continued to talk about regaining Beijing’s power with the help of Western countries including America, that is, both kept claiming that they were the real China.

However, for China’s ruling Communist Party, connecting Taiwan with mainland China is a national agenda that has been talked about by all Chinese presidents from Mao to Xi Jinping. At the same time, power in Taiwan may have come from the Kumintang Party to the DPP, but the opposition to any such attempt to merge remains intact.

Why is Taiwan important for China on the strategic front?

Taiwan is important for China on the strategic front as the island is a geographical barrier to its dream of becoming a global superpower. Just understand this with a map. China, the largest country in population and the third largest in size on the earth, is surrounded by land neighbors on one side and many small islands on the other. In such a situation, if the island of Taiwan comes under its control, it will have open access to the Pacific Ocean, as well as an opportunity to block supplies from neighbors such as Japan and Korea, as well as many US military bases will also get its full access. Will come in JD. Obviously, neither the US would like this nor the neighbors of the Pacific Ocean like Japan, South Korea and Australia. Not only this, there are concerns of many countries including Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia regarding any such maneuver by China.

At the same time, it becomes necessary to talk about the economic power of the island of Taiwan with the shape of a sweet potato on the map. In the list of Fortune 500 companies of the world, about 10 companies are from Taiwan. At the same time, in this era of information technology running on the engine of computer programming, 60 percent of the semiconductor chips of electronic components are made in Taiwan alone. That is, they are needed to breathe life into every electronic device from home appliances like TV screens and mobile phones to fighter planes, missiles, drones and robotics. In such a situation, China’s control over Taiwan directly means its one-sided dominance over the semiconductor business.

How to get to Taiwan?

However, China and Taiwan may have been two brothers separated by a political dispute at one point in history, but their story is not complete without talking about the role of America and the policy confusion created under a well-thought-out strategy, where America on one side. Provides military aid to Taiwan, while also saying that it is a supporter of the one-China policy and does not support Taiwan’s independence, but after the US U-turn from Taiwan to Beijing in 1971, the United Nations The seat came in the hands of the People’s Republic of China, but the US has kept its leg stuck in the whole matter through the Taiwan Relations Act 1979 and through three assurances and 6 messages. That is, he cannot be considered out of this quarrel. However, no one knows if China takes any direct military action against Taiwan someday, whether the US will intervene militarily by advancing its Seventh Fleet, because despite being a member of the UN and a sovereign country, Ukraine will be hit by the war. Had to suffer alone. In such a situation, no one knows how the path will be found for Taiwan in the absence of a member of the UN and lack of formal diplomatic relations with most countries.

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