Rivers and drains in spate in Lalitpur: youths who are risking their lives in the booming Shahzad river, there is no security arrangement

Lalitpur25 minutes ago

Due to the torrential rains in Lalitpur, the river and drains are in spate. Roads have been blocked due to water flowing over the bridges built on many river channels, but people are risking their lives to get out of there. At the same time, in many places, youth are risking their lives and taking bath in the middle of the strong current by jumping into the rivers. Despite the river drains being in spate, no police or flood control squads have been deployed for security near the bridges.

The Shahzad river is flowing in spate due to the rain on Friday night. Due to which water is flowing over the bridge of Shahzad river near Gadhiya situated on Bansi Bar road. Due to which the road has been blocked and there are lines of vehicles on both sides.

In Lalitpur, a young man jumps in the strong current of the river despite the river Shahzad being in spate.

Youth jumping from the bridge in the sharp edge of the river
Despite this, some youths are risking their lives and taking bath by jumping from the bridge into the strong current of the river. There is no one to stop them. The bridge of the river on the Khedar river spate on the Jakhaura Talbehat road in Kasba was submerged in water, but people are taking vehicles out of the water.

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