Quick skincare hacks for daily skin regime: Experts share insights

Skincare is extremely important part of the routine. With time, fine lines, wrinkles and acnes start to appear on the skin, making it look aged. In order to gain a clear and healthy skin, it is important to follow a certain skincare regime. However, skincare changes with the types of skin. From oily to dry skin types, the skincare regime varies. Speaking to HT Lifestyle, Dr Suraj Shetty, Dermatologist, Cetaphil said, “People who lead active lifestyles often neglect their skincare routines, which depletes their skin’s supply of moisture. So, staying hydrated is essential for both a healthy body and skin. While regularly drinking water has its benefits, your skin requires additional care that normal water consumption cannot supply. Shea butter and vitamins E and B5 improve hydration and level out the texture of the skin.”

Ms. Natasha Tuli – CEO & Chief Formulator, Soulflower further noted down the quick skincare hacks for different types of skin:

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For acne-prone skin: Excess humidity and moisture in the air during this rainy season make the skin exude more oil, which accumulates grime. This leads to acne in the rainy season. Make a thick paste using Multani Mitti and 1-2 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil and apply it to affected areas. Let it dry completely and wash off with lukewarm water. Use this DIY face mask daily for clearer, glowing skin.

D.I.Y exfoliating facial scrub: Add 1-2 drops of Lavender & Frankincense Essential oils to 1 tbs of Baking Soda and seal in an air-tight jar. When you’re ready to use this Scrub, use 1-2 tsp at a time and add water to make a paste. Lightly massage the paste onto the skin to gently exfoliate the face for a couple of minutes and rinse off. Rinse well with warm water.

D.I.Y facial serum for oily skin: Pour 2 tbsp grapeseed oil and 5 drops of rosemary essential oil directly into the glass bottle. Close the lid and shake properly to mix everything together. Apply 2-3 drops of this serum and massage it evenly onto the skin. Do it every morning and evening.

For dry skin: “To get results, change to a gentle cleanser if your skin takes longer than usual to absorb moisture, leading to itching and a scaly feel. Using a gentle cleanser twice daily and gently massaging your skin for two to three minutes with water will help you unwind and heal dry, chapped skin,” said Dr Suraj Shetty.

For oily skin: It is important to use a good oily skin cleanser and massage ice-cold water into your skin to control excess oil by constricting the pores.

For sensitive skin: Natural components that improve skin tone, texture, and overall face look, such as Shea butter, virgin cucumber oil, avocado oil, and apple fruit extract, are exactly what we need for our sensitive skin.

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