Petrol poured on girl student in one sided love: Case of Quarsi police station area of ​​Aligarh, 11th student is victim, accused arrested

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In Aligarh, the mad lover poured inflammable substance on the teenager in one sided love

An attempt was made to murder a girl student in one-sided love in Kishanpur area of ​​Quarsi police station area of ​​Aligarh. The mad lover tried to kill the victim by pouring petrol on her and fled from the spot. After the incident, there was a stir in the area and people informed the police about it.

After getting information about the incident, Quarsi police station reached the spot and started action. Police admitted the victim to the district hospital for treatment and raided and took the accused into custody. However, the victim did not suffer much damage and her condition is said to be normal.

Victim works in saree shop

A minor student resident of Kishanpur in Quarsi police station area is a student of class 11 in an inter college located on Ramghat Road. She works in a saree shop on Ramghat road. Kaushal Kumar aka KK, a young man living in the neighbourhood, falls in love with her one-sidedly. But the teenager does not like to talk to him.

According to the victim, when she was working at the shop on Monday evening, the accused came there. He tried to talk to the girl, after which the girl reprimanded him. After which there was an argument between the two and the accused tried to drag the girl by holding her hand. After which the girl put chilli in his eyes and ran away from there.

The accused put inflammable material in the night

When the accused went to the girl, there was an argument between the two and the girl fled from there by throwing chilli in her eyes. After which the accused reached near his shop at 10 pm with the intention of taking revenge. The girl had left for her house only after the shop was closed, that the accused attacked her.

The accused poured petrol on the girl and tried to kill her by burning her. But the girl started crying. Hearing the screams of the girl, the people around ran and tried to nab the accused. But the accused fled from there. People informed the police about this and admitted the girl to the hospital.

A case will be registered on receipt of Tahrir

SP City Kuldeep Gunawat said that after an argument between both the sides, the accused poured flammable material on the victim and fled from there. After which he has been sent to the district hospital for medical.

He said the accused has been taken into custody and is being questioned. There is no complaint from the victim side yet. After registering a case, legal action will be taken against the accused.

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