Not corona but wear a mask to avoid dust: 48 percent dust in the air of NCR, danger to life, wearing a mask is the last defense

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Dust blowing on the roads, the air getting heavier due to construction work is making the body hollow, only the mask will protect

Those who say goodbye to the mask after passing three phases of the corona, be alert. According to doctors, the threat of corona is not gone yet. Now the dust flying in the air with the corona is the enemy of the life of the lungs. Due to the fast-moving construction works in NCR including Meerut, the dust percentage in the air has gone up to 48 percent. These dust clouds rising on the roads are the carriers of many deadly bacteria. Along with this, making a patient of blood cancer, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia is causing shortness of breath. The project work which was stopped at the time of Corona has now started again. So the dust has started increasing in the air.

Construction projects raised the dust

Dust in Meerut TPnagar, dust flies due to piles of sand

These days work is going on in NCR on all major projects including Rapid Rail, Metro Train, Expressway, Ganga Expressway, Roads, Freight Corridor. The construction work which was stopped in Corona has started again. In such a situation, with the increase in the level of PM 2.5, PM 10 in the air, the dust particles have increased. 48 percent of PM 2.5 consists of only dust particles, many times the amount of dust particles, which are piling up in the atmosphere due to eroded roads, construction sites, and due to less rain. Along with these particles, dangerous bacteria are also carriers of diseases. Rapid, metro rail work was stopped in November-December due to increase in PM 2.5.

Only 48 percent dust in the air of NCR
In Meerut's Maharana Pratap Chowk, during November-December, artificial rain was made to prevent dust so that the air remains clean.

In Meerut’s Maharana Pratap Chowk, during November-December, artificial rain was made to prevent dust so that the air remains clean.

In the report of IIT Kanpur, 40 percent of the dust particles in PM-2.5 and PM-10 have been removed in the air of Meerut, NCR. In November 2020, Bhure Lal, who was the chairman of the Environmental Pollution Control Authority, imposed a fine on the Meerut-Delhi road and Meerut-Hapur road due to the high amount of dust. He had slammed the administration in view of the crumbling roads of Meerut, uncontrolled construction, burning of polythene and solid waste and black ash flying from industrial units. Even after this, the Air Quality Index in Meerut is more than 200.

How is this dust a threat to life

1. Sick of lungs- The Global Burden of Disease report states that hazardous gases such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, ammonia, carbon dioxide from burning industrial chimneys, generators, brick kilns, diesel-powered old vehicles and plastic waste Getting sick by reaching the lungs.

2. Patient making blood cancer- PM 2.5 dissolved in the air and the dust present in it is making patients of blood cancer. According to chest specialist Dr. VN Tyagi, the fine particles of dust get stuck in the lungs. Dust particles accumulate on the fine tubes of blood and start forming a layer. This reduces the flow of blood. Particles of cadmium, chromium, molybdenum, benzene, nickel, mercury, zinc, iron and selenium are increasing blood cancer.

Only a mask can protect against the dust flying on the roads

Only a mask can protect against the dust blowing on the roads

3. Children are more sick than dust- Dr. Vijay Jaiswal, Head of the Department at Meerut Medical College, says that children are most vulnerable to pollution, construction sites and airborne dust. India is losing the highest number of lives per 1000 children in India. Children breathe very fast, in such a situation, dust particles and all the deadly bacteria stick with them and go to the lungs through the breath. Which weaken the membranes, causing pneumonia, asthma and other diseases.

4. Continuous deaths due to bad air in UP- In UP, 112 deaths per ten thousand population were caused by polluted air, which is the second highest in the country after Chhattisgarh. According to the 2022 State of India’s Environment Report, the average life expectancy in India from polluted air has decreased by 5.9 years. People are losing their lives due to heart attack, brain stroke, respiratory attack, COPD, chest infection, pneumonia, kidney failure, blood, bone and lung cancer.

5. Increasing drug dosage in TB, respiratory patients- The demand for medicines is increasing for those who are already respiratory patients. The working efficiency of the air filter is declining. Respiratory patients have to inhale heavy air.

Broken everywhere in the city including Meerut Cantt area, dust level rising due to the uprooted road

Broken everywhere in the city including Meerut Cantt area, dust level rising due to the uprooted road

Now know what is the reason for increasing this dust

1. Construction work stopped at the time of Corona, project work has been fully started again

2. Due to less rain this year in the entire NCR, dust is flying on the roads. Otherwise, dust and pollution get buried in the soil due to raindrops.

3. Increased vehicle load on the roads

4. Cement, sand, brick, ballast sold in the open is making the air heavy by blowing throughout the day and making it fatal.

The mask will lighten the air by filtering it

Dr. VN Tyagi

Dr. VN Tyagi

According to senior chest specialist Dr. VN Tyagi, the PM level of North India is very high. This causes trouble in breathing. In such a situation, a mask is very important. Which protects from pollution, dust and heavy wind. The mask makes it smooth by filtering the air and reducing its heaviness, so that it does not have to put much force in breathing. The mask prevents all the bad bacteria, particle matter, heavy metals present in the air from outside, which do not reach inside the body and protect from getting sick. Respiratory patients, elderly, patients continue to get pure air.

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