Newly elected sarpanch husband hoisted the flag: Gram Panchayat Choti Gendra secretary suspended after the matter came to notice

Alirajpur30 minutes ago

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Choti Gendra Panchayat Secretary of tribal-dominated Alirajpur district has been suspended.

Actually, on August 15, a program was kept in the Gram Panchayat. In which Railbai, who became sarpanch, had to hoist the flag, but without doing so, Railbai’s husband Suratan had hoisted the flag.

The matter came to the district administration, after which the CEO of the district panchayat Alirajpur, Sanskriti Jain, immediately suspended the secretary of the village panchayat, Varchan Singh Avasya.

The cry of women empowerment is given a lot. But the truth is that most of the women are named Panch-Sarpanch. Her husband handles the work.

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