New gangster entry in Musewala murder case: Lipin Nehra of Gurugram gave 2 shooters to Goldie Brar; Kashish and Mundi are his henchmen

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New gangster Lipin Nehra has now entered the Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala murder case. Gangster Lipin Nehra, a resident of Gurugram, Haryana, is also involved in this murder. He had contacted sharpshooters Kashish alias Kuldeep and Deepak Mundi with Goldie Brar. Both of them were also among the six sharpshooters who shot down Musewala. It was Kashish who disclosed this during the interrogation of the police. Deepak Mundi is currently out of custody.
Punjabi Singer Sidhu Moosewala.

Punjabi Singer Sidhu Moosewala.

Police questioned Lipin’s brother
After the name of Lipin Nehra surfaced, the Punjab Police brought his brother Pawan Nehra from jail. Pawan Nehra is also a notorious gangster and is associated with Lawrence gang. He was arrested by Gurugram Police. Lipin Nehra, who gave the shooter to Goldie Brar, is also currently in Canada.

Sidhu Musewala was gunned down by six sharpshooters in the same Thar jeep at Jawaharke in Mansa on 29 May.

Sidhu Musewala was gunned down by six sharpshooters in the same Thar jeep at Jawaharke in Mansa on 29 May.

2 shooter Lawrence gang, 2 Bhagwanpuria gave
According to police investigation, 6 shooters were involved in the murder of Musewala. In these, Priyavart Fauji and Ankit Sersa are directly related to Lawrence Gang. Jagroop Roopa and Manpreet Mannu are henchmen of gangster Jaggu Bhagwanpuria. Now it is a new revelation that Kashish and Deepak Mundi are engaged to Lipin Nehra. Of these, Roopa and Mannu have been killed in the encounter. Rest 3 are under arrest while Mundi is absconding.

Looking for new faces to kill Musewala
The planning for Moosewala’s murder was very well thought out. Lawrence and Goldie seek out sharpshooters for the murders who may be criminals but do not have a criminal record that the police are constantly monitoring. For this reason, 3 group shooters were selected. Of these, 2 Lawrence gang kept their own while the rest were taken from 2 different gangsters.

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