Mutual Fund SIP: 35000 rupees will be available every month on investment of 5000 rupees, great way, understand like this

How to Start Mutual Fund Sip: Nowadays every person definitely thinks about some investment with his daily earnings. In today’s era, most of the people are preferring to invest in Mutual Funds. It is helping in giving maximum returns to the investors with less risk. If you want that you keep getting a huge amount in the form of pension every month after retirement, then you have to do this work, which you can understand in this news.

What is SWP
Systematic Withdrawal Plan is an investment under which the investment gets a fixed amount back from a mutual fund scheme. In this, the person who invests himself decides how much money he has to withdraw in how much time. Under SWP, you can withdraw your money on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, 6 months or yearly basis.

pension will be ready
Different from Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), there is SWP i.e. Systematic Withdrawal Plan to invest without risk. In this, you get the amount every month in the form of pension. If you do a monthly SIP of 5 thousand rupees every month for 20 years, then you will continue to get 35 thousand rupees as pension every month.

monthly pension
Let us tell you that if you do monthly SIP with only 5000 rupees. And the plan takes 20 years. So in this you will get a return of 12 percent. Also, the total value will be Rs 50 lakh. Now for more profit than this, you put this 50 lakh rupees in different plans for SWP. So you will get a return of 8.5 percent. On this basis, you will get a monthly pension of 35 thousand rupees.

50 lakh investment
If you take Systematic Withdrawal Plan for 20 years. In this, 50 lakhs are invested in different schemes. In this case, you get an estimated return of 8.5 percent. That is, Rs 4.25 lakh will be your annual return. After which you will continue to get a monthly pension of Rs 4.25 lakh / 12 = 35417.

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