Lord Valmiki tore the flex before the procession: The people of the community created a ruckus at Shri Ram Chowk in Jalandhar, said – catch the accused soon

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  • Chaotic Elements Torn Flex Board Before Bhagwan Valmiki Shobhayatra, Huge Anger Among The People Of The Community, Fierce Ruckus At Shri Ram Chowk

JalandharOne hour ago

Flax put up for Lord Valmiki’s procession torn at Shri Ram Chowk

At Shri Ram Chowk in Jalandhar, mischievous elements tore the flexes put up for the visit of Lord Valmiki. After this there is huge anger in the Valmiki community. The community functionaries created a ruckus at Shri Ram Chowk in front of the school where the flakes were torn. On receiving information about the uproar, the police of police station division number three and four also reached the spot.

Poles lying vacant at Ram Chowk. Somebody took off the flax from here and took it away.

Valmiki community functionary says that it is a case of sacrilege. The flex has been torn deliberately at the place containing the picture of Lord Valmiki. He said that this mischief has been done by the chaotic elements to spoil the atmosphere. He told the police officers who came to the spot that the person who did sacrilege with the picture of Lord Valmiki ji should be caught soon and punished by registering a case against him under section 295 of IPC.

He warned the police officers that if the culprits of the sacrilege were not caught soon before the yatra, they would not take out the procession but would take to the streets to protest. If the atmosphere of the city is alcohol, then the entire administration and police of Jalandhar city will be responsible for this.


Valmiki community leaders also alleged that this was not the first time. Whenever he goes for any religious event, such mischief always happens before that. Even before this, such lousy acts have taken place during the last years. Every defeat gets rid of his hand by assuring a police investigation, but this time it will not happen.

Vipan Sabharwal told about the matter that a written complaint has been lodged against the mischievous elements to the police of police station number 3 and 4. He said that for the last 3 years, mischievous elements have been tearing the flax boards before the procession. In the past also complaints have been registered with the police which are still pending. Vipan Sabharwal has warned the police administration that strict action should be taken against the chaotic elements by scanning the CCTV cameras installed at the spot.

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