Jinping- PM Modi and Putin will be on one platform, for the first time, the new Prime Minister of Pakistan will join


SCO Summit 2022: Chinese President Xi Jinping (XI Jinping) on ​​15 and 16 September amid the dispute between China (China) and the US (US), which began with the visit of US Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. In the city of Uzbekistan, Samarkand, the goldsmiths can reach to participate in the SCO summit. Here may be Jinping, PM Narendra Modi And Russian President Vladimir Putin will be seen on the same stage. On the other hand, the new Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shahbaz Sharif will participate in the SCO Summit for the first time.

This meeting to be held during the SCO summit is being considered big because this meeting will also be a shared message of China and Russia to America. On the one hand, where Russia is standing in front of America due to the military attack on Ukraine, Chinese President Xi Jinping will also try to show America by meeting the Russian President in the midst of the conflict on Taiwan. Obviously, this meeting of Putin and Jinping can also have a very strong reaction from America.

Shahbaz Sharif will be in front of PM Modi for the first time
Prime Minister Modi will also attend this conference to be held in September and during this bilateral meeting between Prime Minister Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping can also take place amid the tension arising in India-China relations over the Galvan Valley. It is worth noting that Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif will also attend the SCO conference, so this will be the first time that Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif will be together under one roof. In such a situation, it will be very interesting to see whether there is at least a bridge-side or courtesy meeting between the two leaders. Remember that Prime Minister Modi had also sent a congratulatory letter to Shahbaz Sharif on becoming the Prime Minister and also congratulated him on Twitter.

SCO summit to be held on 15-16 September
The 2022 Annual Summit of the State Council of SCO Heads will be held in Samarkand on 15-16 September. Uzbekistan took over the presidency of the organization from Tajikistan on September 17, 2021. Efforts to increase rights, ensure peace and stability in the region, reduce poverty and ensure food security are likely to be discussed in this conference. Pakistan is softening its stand before participating in the SCO Summit with India. Shahbaz Sharif has been trying to melt India’s close allies ahead of the upcoming SCO summit in Samarkand.

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