Iron nail removed from urinary bladder in Bhind: 4-inch iron nail was stuck in the urine bag of the elderly, removed after an hour of operation

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  • A 4 inch Iron Nail Was Stuck In The Urine Bag Of The Elderly, Removed After An Hour Of Operation

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Doctor operating on a patient.

For the first time in Bhind district hospital, such an operation was done, inside the body of a person for a year, an iron nail 4 inch long nail was stuck. The patient is in pain. When this information came to the notice of the district hospital management. The Civil Surgeon of the hospital, Dr. Anil Gayle showed interest in the whole matter. After this, surgical specialist Dr Pratik Mishra operated on the patient’s pain. In an operation that lasted about an hour, a 4-inch long iron nail was removed from the patient’s urinary bladder. Now the patient is in perfect health.
An iron nail removed from the patient's urine bag.

An iron nail removed from the patient’s urine bag.

Nail seen in ultrasound, doctors were surprised

District Hospital Civil Surgeon Dr. Anil Gail told that 60-year-old Shri Krishna son Jagram, who lives in Udotpura village, was suffering from unbearable pain in urinary bladder for almost a year. When he was operated by the doctors, sharp metal like iron was seen in it. The doctor was surprised to see this. After all, how did the 4-inch long nail of iron reach the urinary bladder? After this the case was given to surgical specialist Dr Prateek Mishra. Surgical Specialist Dr Mishra looked after all the investigations of the patient. After this, ultrasound, X-ray was done and necessary blood related tests were also done free of cost. When Dr. Mishra was confirmed in the report of this patient, there was a 4-inch iron nail in the urine bag. After this the decision to remove by operation was taken by the hospital management.

Nails seen when the patient's urinary bladder was x-rayed.

Nails seen when the patient’s urinary bladder was x-rayed.

such an operation

Dr. Mishra apprised the Civil Surgeon Dr. Goyal about the whole case. After this, Dr. Goyal advised the elderly patient and his family members for the operation that the operation will have to be done, there is no danger in it. The patient also cited his own financial constraints, on which the hospital management said that free operation should be done in the district hospital itself. On this the patient and his family agreed for the operation. After this, a team was formed for the operation in which Civil Surgeon Dr. Anil Goyal (Anesthesia Specialist), Surgical Specialist Dr. Pratik Mishra and Nursing Officer Shyama Shakya, Prachi Pandoria and Shweta Sharma were there. The said patient was successfully operated by the team. The operation was very complicated, which took about an hour, after the operation, a 4-inch iron nail came out in his urine bag. The patient is in perfect health after the operation.

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