Death of a young man injured in a car accident: Relatives stuck to the demand of registering a case of murder by placing dead body at Delhi door


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After the death of a young man injured in a road accident during treatment, as soon as the ambulance vehicle came to Chanderi with the dead body, the family members reached Delhi door by placing everyone on a handcart. The road was blocked by keeping the dead body on the road. This chakka jam started at 8 o’clock and despite the understanding of the police till about 9:30, the family members were not ready to accept it. There were lines of both the vehicles.

Relatives say that a day before the accident, a youth named Rahul Chaturvedi had come and threatened to kill their son. On whose second day this accident happened with his car, he says that it has been done intentionally. The family remained adamant on the demand to register a murder case till late night.

Let us tell you, on July 29, near the bus stand of Chanderi, a 20-year-old youth named Vijay alias gunpowder was carrying a chaat cart. Then a speeding car coming from the front hit the young man strongly. The accident happened so fast that the handcart of the youth was completely broken and the youth also suffered serious injuries. Whom the local people had taken to Chanderi Civil Hospital for treatment, but was referred to Bhopal when his condition was critical. After undergoing treatment there, the youth died on Wednesday, as soon as the body of the youth reached Chanderi, the wheel was blocked.

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