In Gonda, mother and daughter were beaten up by miscreants, VIDEO: Police station president said – action will be taken against the accused, there was a dispute over land

Gonda6 hours ago

Dabangs fighting with mother and daughter in Gonda.

A video of mother-daughter beating from Gonda has surfaced. The dabangs beat up the mother and daughter with sticks over a land dispute. During this, someone made a video and posted it on social media. The case is of Kolhampur Imam village.

It is seen in the video that a villager and a woman are beating mother and daughter with sticks. While the daughter is protecting the mother. Then the villager drops the daughter on the mother and beats her up with kicks and fists. After the video surfaced, the police started investigating the matter.

dispute is going on over land

Kusum Pandey and Awadhesh of Kolhampur Imam village are having a dispute over land with neighboring Ram Murat. On Thursday, Kusum and Awadhesh Ram entered Murat Pandey’s house and beat up Barkha Pandey, Maya Pandey and Mithilesh with sticks and kicks. The miscreants dragged the mother and daughter out of the house and beat them up.

Police engaged in investigation

Nawabganj police station president Tej Pratap Singh said that women are being assaulted by some people in Kolhampur Imam village. The matter is being investigated on the basis of the video. Strict action will be taken against the accused.

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