Heroin smuggling at Attari border: There was a stir after the iron box found under the truck from Afghanistan

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The powder found from the box taken out of the truck in Afghanistan has been sent for examination.

Taking a joint action, Customs and BSF have recovered a consignment of heroin at the Attari border in Punjab. The consignment was pasted with magnets under an Afghan truck that had come to unload the goods at the Integrated Check Post at the Attari border. At present, the action has been started by confiscating heroin.

According to the information received, the large cargo coming from Afghanistan was being checked before emptying. During the customs check, when an iron rod was hit under the big truck, she was pulled towards a magnet. On investigation, it was found that an iron box has been affixed with magnets under the truck. Just as it was packaged in an iron box, custom made it look like an RDX bomb. At the same time the truck was parked far away and investigation was started.

Dog Squad’s help taken

According to the information, the dog of BSF’s Bomb Disposal Squad was brought. Which did not give any response after investigation. After this, BSF and Custom’s Norco Testing Dogs were brought. But he also did not give any response.

box opened with control bomb

After the response came negative from the dog squad, the BSF officials decided to open it with a control bomb. Small bombs were installed on the sides of the box, which exposed only the outer layer of iron. When this bomb was detonated, a white powder came out of it.

350 grams of heroin seized

The Custom Department and BSF team put the white colored powter from the box in a container and sent it for examination. The investigation revealed Pouter heroin and its total weight was 350 grams. At present, the sample of the powder has been sent for examination.

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