Haryana’s ‘Honeytrap Gang’ Arrested: Mohali Student Kidnapped And Demanded 50 Lakh Ransom; Was invited to meet friendship with fake profile

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Punjab Police has arrested ‘Honeytrap Gang’ of Haryana. The gang consists of 2 youths and a girl. The trio had kidnapped a student of Chandigarh University in Mohali and demanded a ransom of 50 lakhs. The police have rescued the kidnap student. The girl of the gang made friends with the student by creating a fake profile. Then called to meet him and kidnapped him. The kidnapped student has been handed over to the family after being recovered from Kharar.

Ropar range DIG Gurpreet Bhullar said that Hitesh, a BE student of Chandigarh University, was kidnapped. He was kept in a rented room in Ranjit Nagar, Kharar. After receiving the complaint, the police swung into action and the youth was rescued within 48 hours.

DIG Gurpreet Bhullar and SSP Viveksheel Soni giving information about the gang’s caught members and them.

Honeytrap gang: Sonepat girl, Panipat and Sirsa boys
DIG Gurpreet Bhullar said that 3 members of the gang have been arrested. Among them, Ajay Kadian is a resident of Jattal village of Panipat. The second kidnapper is Ajay of Abud of Sirsa. Rakhi of Baroli village of Sonipat is the third kidnapper with them. Police recovered .32 bore pistol along with Honda City car, 5 mobiles and 9 live cartridges from them.

Rakhi trapped by friendship
Police investigation revealed that Rakhi of Sonepat had created a fake profile on Facebook and Instagram. Through which she befriends the students of a good house. She talks to him intimately. She finds out everything about the condition of her home and family. When the young man comes to her confidence, she invites him to meet her. There his other 2 companions are also there. Who kidnaps the young man and then demands ransom from his family. Similarly this student was also implicated.

did not agree on less than 50 lakhs
Hitesh’s father told that he was called from the son’s mobile number and demanded ransom. He said that he is a working man. Can’t give 50 lakh rupees. He first asked to take 2 lakhs, then 5 lakhs and finally 8 lakhs but the kidnappers did not agree. After which he complained to the police about it.

kept the student unconscious continuously

The DIG told that the girl called the student near Punjab Mall. Sitting there in the car, overpowered him. Then a chill in his eyes gave an injection of unconsciousness. After this he was tied up in a rented flat in Ranjit Nagar. After that, he kept her unconscious continuously. Sometimes by injection and sometimes by dissolving anesthesia in water and giving it. Kidnapper Ajay Kadian has been a pharmacist while Ajay is pursuing MBBS. That’s why both of them knew the medicine for sedation.

Haryana Police also helped in the arrest
Mohali SSP Viveksheel Soni said that a team of DSP Gursher Singh and CIA in-charge Shiv Kumar was formed to arrest the accused. He also got help from the CIA team of Kurukshetra. Due to which the gang members were arrested and the student was rescued safely. Ambala, Haridwar and Ghaziabad police also helped in the identification and arrest of the kidnapper.

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