Gotmar fair started!: With the worship of Chandi Devi in ​​Pandhurna, the gotmar started by placing a flag with a tree in the river

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  • With The Worship Of Chandi Devi In Pandhurna, The Cow Slaughter Started By Placing A Flag With A Tree In The River.

Chhindwara41 min ago

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The world famous Gotmar fair of Pandhurna began on Saturday with the worship of Maa Chandi. Here at 7 o’clock in the morning, first worship of Mother Chandi Devi was done by the people of Pandhurna and Savargaon Paksha.

After that the flag was planted with the tree in the river and gotmar started here with the worship. A large number of people have reached Pandhurna to see the fair. A heavy police force is also stationed here.

People have gathered on both sides of the Jam river and with drums and drums, the people of Savargaon and Pandhurna sides started the fair by pelting stones at each other.

Stones started raining in the night itself

Along with the Pola festival, gotmar started in Pandhurna late in the evening on Friday. In which some people were seen throwing stones. There was a lot of enthusiasm on this day.

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