Gaurav Chopraa on his role being chopped in Bachchhan Pandey: Aapka dil thoda tutt ta hain

Actor Gaurav Chopraa was last seen in TV show Sanjivani in 2020. The actor opens up on his recent works Bachchhan Pandey and Thor:Love & Thunder. Read the exclusive interview.

After a self-imposed hiatus of two years, actor Gaurav Chopra was recently seen in Akshay Kumar’s Bachchhan Pandey. Chopra mentions that he received the “call” for the film right after both his parents passed away during the pandemic. “It was difficult (to accept the offer), but I took it as a sign. The fact that I got this movie right after the tragedy, I took it as if my parents orchestrated it,” Chopra states.

To get into the character and the shape, Chopra worked out four to five hours every day. However, once the movie was released, Chopra’s excitement towards the film toned down, as “most of it was edited”. “When the film was released I was quiet. I didn’t know what to say at that time. I didn’t want to sound like I was sour, or I had a problem because I didn’t. (Of course) As an actor, you feel bad. There were a few things that I did jiske liye taaliyan baji set pe. Now you want that to reach the audience. But in the final cut of the film because of whatever reasons, that part hasn’t made it. It’s their baby. For me the experience was good, but I didn’t know what to say about the outcome,” Chopra explains.

The 43-year-old mentions that when he was cast in the movie, the news was broken that he “was cast as the main antagonist”. He elaborates, “It gets confusing when you see the film. You get a little confused, in terms of (my) prominence and time spent on screen. It becomes difficult for an actor to justify that. Furthermore, I don’t really have a problem with it; so you worry that you will say something and it will sound like you have a problem. But the only thing is aapka dil thoda tutt ta hain, yaar wo do teen bohot acche scenes the, the audience would have liked, set pe taali baji thi, but it’s okay.”

The actor recently dubbed for Chris Hemsworth in the Hindi version of Thor:Love & Thunder. The loyal fans have admitted not liking the waggish Thor contrary to the characteristics. Ask this to Chopra and he confesses, “Macho Thor toh kam hogaya hain. He has become cute. In my modest opinion thoda sa maintain karna chahiye. Ye thoda over hogaya.”

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