Gashmeer Mahajani hasn’t quit TV, says he earns more on OTT: I’m the highest paid actor

He quit his last TV show, Imlie mid-way and shifted gears to Marathi films and Hindi digital shows, and that led to a perception that actor Gashmeer Mahajani has quit TV. However, Mahajani claims otherwise.

Ask the actor if he will be back on TV and he promptly replies, “I will. If the content excites me I will come back. Especially if the people making it are on the same page with me creatively and intellectually. Most probably I will do it for a limited period.” He clarifies that it might be a daily soap, “but I will plan my exit in the soap”.

The actor explains how a TV show runs out of the story after 100 episodes, and hence it’s important for him to part ways then. “Every story has a life. Once it ends, the story ends. The producers won’t shut the show because that is when the TRPs, and the ads start coming. Initially, they have only invested money, but only after 200-300 episodes they start earning. But as an actor, I wouldn’t want to be part of that because I have nothing to do in the show. I will take on a project for a limited period. After 100-150 episodes when the story is done, free me and my character, you can continue the show,” elaborates Mahajani.

Mahajani’s clear about his decision and not even a hefty paycheck can change it. “I’m earning the same or higher amount in web and Marathi films. For my last web show, I earned more than what I was earning on my TV show. The Marathi film that I have signed (Chhava) is the biggest budgeted Marathi film, (and) I’m the highest paid actor right now in the Marathi industry. It is more than what I earned on that TV show. Money can never be the criteria. I get money, uske liye mujhe TV karne ki zarurat nahi hai,” the 37-year-old concludes.

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