Evicted from the village on suspicion of witchcraft: The villagers gathered with sticks and sticks said – leave early or else you will set fire to the house, the family ran in panic

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  • The Villagers Gathered With Sticks And Sticks Said Leave Early Or Else You Will Set Fire To The House, The Family Ran In Panic

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A family residing in Cheetapal, a nutritious village of Kachanari Gram Panchayat under Dhimarkheda police station area of ​​Katni, was thrown out of the village on suspicion of witchcraft. Some members of the family, who were evicted from the village on suspicion of witchcraft, have taken shelter in their daughter and some in their in-laws’ house. The victim’s family has complained about the matter to the Siluri police post.

In the complaint, more than 25 people of Cheetapal village have been accused of driving away from the village. After receiving the complaint, the police started investigating the matter. According to the police, Sumit Singh, a resident of Cheetapal village, told in the complaint that he and his wife Usha Bai, father Shyam Singh, mother Jhammi Bai were thrown out by the villagers on suspicion of witchcraft.

Villagers standing with sticks and sticks outside the house

Sumit Singh’s wife Usha Bai told that about 25 more people forcibly evicted him from their house. Usha Bai says that the villagers suspect her of witchcraft. The people of the village gathered outside their house with sticks and sticks and were saying that get out of the house and run away from here, otherwise they will set the house on fire. After which Sumit Singh and his wife took shelter at their daughter-in-law’s house in Jhunjh village and father Shyam Singh, mother Jhammi Bai in Mukas village.

The family did not go to the village due to fear – Police

At the same time, the police is talking about investigating the matter. Police say that a complaint was made, on which they were counseled. He will go and stay in his village, no one will do anything. After which the family went to their in-laws’ house instead of going to their village Cheetapal due to fear.

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