Barkha and Anupama will fight for property in the hospital itself, there will be fierce Tu-Tu, Main-Main

Anupamaa Written Updates Of Episode 18 August 2022: Anuj Kapadia’s condition remains critical after the accident in the TV show Anupamaa. Anupama’s life is stuck in Anuj and the Shah family has returned home with Vanraj. Meanwhile, Anuj’s brother and sister-in-law have started grabbing the property in the show. In the hospital itself, Anuj’s sister-in-law is determined to have a fierce fight with Anupama. After the accident, the atmosphere is gloomy but Barkha’s mind is going somewhere else. Due to Anuj’s illness, he has got a good opportunity to fight with Anupama. The latest promo of the show shows a heated argument between Anupama and Barkha.

In the show, Vanraj’s condition was shown to improve in the past. The Shah family has taken him home. But Anuj Kapadia’s condition is bad. Here in the latest episode of Anupama, Barkha’s attitude is seen changing. She is seen fighting a lot with Anupama.

Barkha will show attitude to Anupama

In Anupamaa Latest Promo it is shown that Anupama refuses to sign any check from Barkha. The rain will flare up on it. She will say to Anupama, if you do not trust us then we also do not trust you. We will disassemble the nurse in Anuj’s room and also the CCTV. On this, Anupama will tell Barkha fiercely. Also she will make a big disclosure. Anupama will say that I will also announce one thing which my husband wanted to do after worshiping. On hearing this, Ankush and Barkha will be blown away. Now it remains to be seen which announcement Anupama is talking about?

On the other hand Vanraj will tell anything about the accident to his family or not? Anuj Kapadia’s brother Ankush will be exposed or not?

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