Driver stuck in truck for 2 hours in Shahjahanpur: Truck hit a tree due to nap, rescue ran for 2 hours with 3 JCBs

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Driver Satish Kumar trapped in the cabin of the truck after hitting a tree.

After a road accident in Shahjahanpur, the driver was badly trapped in the cabin of the truck. The policemen tried a lot to get him out, but could not succeed. The driver kept begging for life for almost two hours. The police did the rescue for two hours with the help of three JCB machines. After which the driver was taken out and sent to Farrukhabad district for treatment. The driver was going from Kanpur to Saharanpur with biscuits in the truck. When he got a nap, he became a victim of an accident.

The driver was rescued after two hours of rescue

The driver, Satish Kumar, a resident of Muzaffarnagar, was going from Kanpur to Saharanpur by filling biscuits in the truck. As soon as it reached near Tarapur village of Mirzapur police station area at around 9 am on Sunday. Then the driver got a nap. Due to which the truck overturned in the ditch and hit the tree. The impact of the collision was so strong that the cabin of the truck was completely broken and the driver got stuck badly in it. People passing by informed the police. When the police tried to remove the driver, tried to remove the truck, the driver kept getting stuck. Seeing his death closely, the driver started begging for life with folded hands from the police to the crowd standing there. The police immediately started the rescue by ordering three JCB machines. After about two hours of effort, the driver could be pulled out. Due to severe injury to the feet of the driver, he was admitted to the hospital in Farrukhabad district. where he is being treated.

Driver out of danger

Mirzapur police station in-charge Arvind Kumar said that due to a nap, the truck overturned in the ditch and hit a tree. With the help of three JCB machines, the driver has been taken out and admitted to the hospital. His condition is out of danger.

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