Collector imposed Rasuka then VIP treatment in the police station: Special food to the cannabis mafia, got him out of the lockup and also met the manager

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In many police stations of Indore, the nominated miscreant was thrown out of the district by the collector by applying Rasuka. After this order of the collector, the Sadar Bazar police arrested him. By bringing him in lockup, the police not only gave him VIP treatment but also allowed him to meet his loved ones. These photos are going viral on social media. At the same time, the police officers have started investigating the matter.

Indore’s cannabis mafia Mohammad Mujahid alias Manzoor son Rafiq Khan resident of Book Brand Colony has taken action of Rasuka three days ago. Manzoor has several criminal cases registered against him, including illegal drugs. A few days ago, DCP Amit Tolani took action against illegal cannabis being sold in Sadar Bazar area. Manzoor’s complicity was revealed in this. Only after this, the action of Rasuka was taken on Manzoor.

Food on the table outside the lockup, the manager interrogated the soldier
On social media, sitting outside the lockup in Sadar Bazar police station, Manzoor is eating outside food while sitting on the table. Not only this, in another photo, his manager Rajesh Jaiswal is also seen sitting with Manzoor. Police constable Ankit Chauhan is also with both of them. These photos of all three are becoming fiercely viral on social media.

Chhatripura police got illegal cannabis from quintals
Some time ago, Chhatripura TI Pawan Singhal had seized several quintals of illegal cannabis while taking action. This cannabis was caught from Chetan Jaiswal’s place. Jaiswal had told that he used to sell illegal goods from Manzoor’s godown. Since then the police was looking for Manzoor. The police team had come to know that due to illegal business, Manzoor had also bought a large land on the hill near Dewas a few days ago. Manzoor is also building a luxurious hotel in Gujarat.

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