Demonstration in Bulandshahr against Rajasthan government: Demonstration on the death of a Dalit child due to beating of a teacher in school, people of Dalit society said – atrocities in UP too

Bulandshahr35 minutes ago

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The youth of Dalit society have demonstrated by climbing the gate of the Collectorate.

In Bulandshahr on Thursday, the Dalit community protested against the Rajasthan government in front of the Collectorate. In fact, the Dalit community is outraged by the death of a school teacher in Rajasthan after a Dalit child was beaten up. The people of the Dalit community who took to the streets against the Rajasthan government raised slogans fiercely.

climbed the gate, sloganeering

People of Dalit community raised slogans outside the Collectorate saying that even after 75 years of independence, Dalits are not free. Everyone has equal rights on water, forest and land. Human beings should also be treated equally. Dalit women are burnt alive in a civilized society. They are insulted. Even today in schools, teachers drink water from pitchers and there are tanks for children. During this some people also climbed on the gate of the Collectorate.

oppression of dalits is happening in UP too

People of Dalit society said that atrocities on Dalits are not stopping in UP. The youth demonstrated against the Rajasthan government with a picture of a pitcher in their hand. The Dalits have also demanded one crore rupees and a government job to the victim’s Dalit family.

road warning

In the memorandum given to the DM, the Dalit society said that if the atrocities against the Dalits did not stop, then they took to the streets and protested. He said that Dalit society is being harassed. Atrocities on Dalits should stop.

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