Congress party’s sit-in in Ambedkarnagar: Demand to cancel the release of the convicts of Bilkis Bano

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Congress party strike

In protest against the release of the convicts of Bilkis Bano by the Gujarat government, Congress party officials staged a dharna in the courtyard of the Ambedkar statue near the collectorate. After the dharna, through the District Magistrate, gave a memorandum to the Chief Justice and demanded the cancellation of the release made by the Gujarat government.

The killers of Bilkis Bans Ko should be punished

Congress party’s district president Amit Kumar alias Jitendra Verma said that in 2002 Bilkis Bano case happened, in which rioters gang-raped her and 14 people including her unborn child were murdered, in which 11 convicts were given life imprisonment. was found. One of the convicts, Radheshyam Shah, appealed for his release in the Supreme Court, in which the Supreme Court left the decision to the discretion of the state government. The state government had acquitted all the 11 convicts in the case.

The order for the release of the convicts should be quashed

The Congress party alleges that the release of heinous criminals is a violation of the principle of natural justice, protecting them in every situation is the responsibility of the justice system and the state and the release of the guilty is a violation of the Constitution. He said that the Congress party demands that the state government’s order of release of these convicts should be repealed, so that people’s trust in the judiciary remains intact.

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