Chinese ‘spy ship’ returned from Sri Lanka after a week, India expressed concern

Sri Lanka: After a week’s stay in Sri Lanka, the Chinese military survey aircraft ‘Yuan Wang 5’ left for China. Despite all the concerns of India and America, that ship made its stop at Hambantota Port in Sri Lanka on 16 August and stayed there for about a week.

The Yuan Wang ship is designed to detect ballistic missiles and satellites. About which it is said that it detects communication and other data in the sea. India is also worried that in future also Chinese naval aircraft can reach Sri Lanka and from there they can monitor the military bases of South India.

What did the tourism minister of Sri Lanka say?
Amid concerns over the arrival of Chinese vessel ‘Yuan Wang 5’ off the coast of his country, Sri Lanka’s Tourism Minister Harin Fernando said it will not create any major diplomatic dispute as India understands its position.

Fernando, who came to Ahmedabad to promote tourism in Sri Lanka, said that China has invested a lot in Sri Lanka and has understood its needs in the past. Indian officials have also expressed concern over the ship’s espionage capabilities and the purposes of its voyage.

‘India understands our position’
In response to a question, the visiting minister said that Sri Lanka is a small country and it has good relations with everyone. I am sure India understands this. We have very good diplomatic relations with India. He said that the people of China have invested a lot in Sri Lanka and they have understood our needs in the past also. So I hope it will not create any major diplomatic controversy.

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