Bear attack in Chatarai forest: The middle aged who went to get wood was bled, admitted to Nainpur hospital in critical condition

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  • The Middle Aged Who Went To Get Wood Was Bled, Admitted To Nainpur Hospital In Critical Condition

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A bear attacked a person who had gone to collect wood in the forest of Chatrai under Nainpur police station of the district. Dheeraj Vishwakarma, a resident of village Ataria, was seriously injured in the bear attack. He has been admitted to the Civil Hospital in Nainpur.

Nainpur police station in-charge Janak Singh Rawat told that Dheeraj Vishwakarma had gone to get wood along with his wife Vidya Bai, son Arun and nephew Ankit in the forest of Chatrai, about 3 km inside Balaghat road from Ataria. Dheeraj was a little distant from the rest. Finding solitude, a bear attacked him. He has suffered serious injuries on his cheek, both arms, chest, back, ears etc.

The family made a lion, then both the bears ran away

Seeing the bear attacking, his family raised an alarm and scared the bears with the ax kept with them, then the bears fled from there. It was told by the relatives that there were two bears there. Only one attacked. The injured Dheeraj has been immediately taken to Nainpur Civil Hospital by the relatives, where he is undergoing treatment. Dheeraj is conscious, but is unable to speak due to serious injuries.

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