China’s Phishing Attack! After the gathering of troops near Taiwan, now China’s new move

China-Taiwan Conflict: With the exhibition of its military strength close to Taiwan, now China has brought another of its strength into the sea. This is the power of fishing boats. Thousands of Chinese fishing trawlers and ships have left in the South and East China Seas. Fishing of these boats is usually banned during the summer to give time to add fauna to the sea.

However, as soon as this period, effective from May to mid-August, ends, now China’s fishing trawlers have run into the East China Sea and South China Sea from the afternoon of 16 August. This is the sea area on both sides of Taiwan. This is a big problem for Taiwan, which is just 160 km from the Chinese coast, as the presence of Chinese boats in abundance in the region and their large-scale fishing activities can add new problems in the current tension. Along with this, the situations of conflict regarding fishing also increase.

Phishing attack is also becoming a challenge for South America

This phishing attack of China is becoming a challenge not only for Taiwan but also for East Asia and even South America. Chinese fishermen have started reaching the area near South America on the other end of the Pacific Ocean. Since the rule of any country does not work in the open sea, the emphasis of numbers is the biggest force here. In such a situation, the world’s largest fisherman has a fleet of boats. According to an estimate, China has a fleet of about 17 thousand deep water fishing vessels.

China is the largest consumer of fish and marine products in the world

In the wake of this phishing attack from China, the world’s largest marine insurance company Standard Club and its affiliate Oasis P&I have warned maritime cargo ships. In the past few years, there have been several incidents of Chinese fishermen colliding with cargo ships. China is the largest consumer of fish and marine products in the world.

One-third of the fish caught in the world is consumed in alleviating the hunger of China alone. The per capita fish consumption in China is 38 kg per year, which is higher than the global average. At the same time, in Hong Kong, China, the annual per capita consumption of fish is up to 70 kg, which is the highest in the world.

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