China’s new move, after sending ships to Sri Lanka, now preparing to send army to Pakistan

China: China is increasing its military strength in India’s neighboring countries under a well thought out strategy. The controversy over the halt of China’s dock ship in Sri Lanka was not over yet, that the Dragon has now started increasing its military strength in India’s neighboring country of Pakistan. According to top diplomatic sources, China is deploying army personnel in specially made posts in Pakistan and Afghanistan to fulfill its very ambitious plans. It is clear that China is raising its threat in the neighboring countries of India.

China wants dominance in Central Asia
China has always been keen to expand its influence in Central Asia through Pakistan and Afghanistan. In view of this, it has strategically invested heavily in both these countries. A Chinese ship capable of tracking satellites and intercontinental missiles stopped at Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port on Tuesday. India has also opposed it over espionage concerns in front of Sri Lanka. At the same time, according to an estimate, China has invested more than 60 billion US dollars in Pakistan. Whereas Pakistan is dependent on China not only for financial but also for military and diplomatic support.

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China’s pressure on Pakistan
Not only this, China has started pressuring Pakistan to allow the construction of posts where its army will be stationed. At the same time, after the formation of the Taliban government in Afghanistan, both China and Pakistan have not been able to expand relatively.

Meeting with the Government of Pakistan..
A top diplomatic and security source in Islamabad believes that “China’s People’s Liberation Army is working to set up posts on a war footing in Afghanistan and Pakistan. These posts support China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’. According to a diplomatic source, Chinese Ambassador Nong Rong has held meetings with Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto and Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa in this regard.

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