11 out of 12 councilors have taken oath: Councilor of Ward 18 also reached Baijnath temple, BJP President candidate got only 8 votes

Agar Malwa27 minutes ago

BJP sitting on the threshold of victory in the election of NAPA President was won by its own councilors by voting for the Congress candidate, the matter caught up and the BJP became strict about the sedition of four councilors in their house, but their loved ones who voted for the Congress Couldn’t find out. In such a situation, the era of swearing started in the famous Baijnath Mahadev temple.

Under this, after taking oath by 10 councilors and representatives till Tuesday, Anita Gopal Kumbhakar, elected from ward number 18, also reached the temple on Wednesday and took oath in Baba Baijnath Mahadev temple and said that in the election of the President, Vice President has voted for the BJP. His representative Gopal Kumbhakar told that I had gone out and in such a situation could not come to the temple to give my explanation along with the fellow councilors and came to know that today I have come to the temple of Baba Baijnath with my wife.

After reaching the temple of Kumbhakar, 11 out of 12 councilors of BJP have taken this oath, but the result has come to the fore. In this, the president candidate got 8 votes, that is, out of 12 councilors of BJP, 4 councilors did not vote for BJP president candidate Ajay Jain.

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