Celebrated Janmashtami festival by bursting pots in school: decorations were done on the lines of Vrindavan, children gave one to one presentation as Krishna-Radha

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School children enthusiastically participated in the festival of Janmashtami in Kanchausi town of Auraiya. School Manager Deepak Rathore said that the programs based on mythological stories make the new generation aware about the moral values.

Various tableaux related to the life of Lord Shri Krishna were presented. Scenes like Krishna’s birth, Sheshnag, Vasudev’s imprisonment, Kansa’s slaughter were presented in it. Children’s pot-busting activity was also organized. The birth anniversary of Lord Krishna was celebrated with great pomp. School children came dressed in traditional clothes. Woh Krishna hai that the school children danced to the tunes.

Special pot prepared for the competition
School boys participated in Dahi Handi competition. A special matki was prepared for the Matki burst competition. Which the children prepared together with their teachers. The children of the school arrived dressed in the dresses of Radha, Krishna, Meera, Sudama. The school was decorated like Vrindavan. The girls who came as gopis danced on the song Woh Kisna Hai.

Krishna's Dahi Matki was also organized in the school.

Krishna’s Dahi Matki was also organized in the school.

Arrived dressed in the costume of gopis
It included Yash Pandey, Veshanvi Pandey, Pranshu Digvijay, Archie Rathore, Aryan, Kirti, Priyanshu, Aryan, Navtesh Yadav, Luv Awasthi, Radhika, Varsha Prakriti Tiwari, Nishant, Keshav. Children also enjoyed the swing. Children swing Shri Krishna. Krishna, Radha arrived dressed in the costume of the gopis. Children entertained everyone by presenting a colorful cultural programme. School Principal Ranjana wished everyone on the occasion of Shri Krishna Janmashtami.

The children gave one to one presentation by becoming Krishna Radha.

The children gave one to one presentation by becoming Krishna Radha.

Janmashtami festival celebrated with pomp
He inspired the children to follow the path shown by Shri Krishna with the right thinking. The festival of Janmashtami was celebrated with great pomp in the school. The school was beautifully decorated with Kanha, Gopis, Yashoda Maiya, Radha among other things. School children came dressed in traditional costumes to celebrate Janmashtami. Children danced fiercely on Kanha’s songs. Children performed aarti with the teachers.

Fancy dress competition organized
The school was beautifully decorated. A fancy dress competition was organized on this occasion. In which children came dressed as Kanha, Radha, Sudama, Gopis. Children told about the life of Shri Krishna through tableaux. School Director Ramu Tiwari wished everyone a Happy Janmashtami.

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