Case registered: broke the glass of the car, stole the laptop bag, the thieves ran away in the auto; Case registered against unknown thieves

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  • The police party has found an empty laptop bag while the laptop could not be found.

Two people broke the glass of the car of an insurance company employee from Mohali, who came to Ludhiana in connection with work, took away the laptop. Police Division Eight Police has registered a case against unknown thieves on the statement of Vikas Kumar resident of Mohali, the officer of the said company. The police party has recovered an empty laptop bag while the laptop could not be found.

Police Division 8 Investigating Officer Sukhraj Singh said that when the CCTV cameras were checked after the incident, two thieves were seen carrying out the crime. After the incident, both the accused have left for the canal located on Ferozepur Road in an auto. He told that the said accused got down from the auto near the canal while leaving the empty bag in the auto itself and took the laptop with them. The auto driver called on the numbers of the visiting card lying in the bag and told Vikas about the thieves.

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